Friday, January 6, 2012

Beasiswa University of Groningen, Belanda


The university is committed to recognizing excellence in academic achievement through offering a number of scholarships for international students and researchers. Several scholarships are available for international students who are motivated to study Bachelor’s programmes, Master’s programmes or PhD programmes, but also for an exchange period at our university. Applicants to programmes with Erasmus Mundus status can apply for scholarships awarded by the EU as well. The Dutch government offers several funding opportunies, and staff members of organizations in developing countries can apply for NFP scholarships.


Eligible Candidates
Candidates who have been admitted to the Research Master programme Behavioural and Social Sciences can be awarded a scholarship when they are not able to self-finance in full and are not eligible for other funding.
Indonesia termasuk negara yang punya kesempatan untuk mengirimkan aplikasi pendaftaran beasiswa ke Belanda 2012 University of Groningen.

Candidates can apply for this grant by sending a letter of motivation in which they indicate that they are in need of a grant and would like to be considered for the UGTG: Research Master Behavioural and Social Sciences (partial grant).

1 May 2012.

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